We want you to come as you are... whatever that means, and we're not just sayin' that... we're serious. So, no covering tattoos, no taking out piercings, no getting clean before you walk through the doors, no talking a certain way, and no need to "dress up" to join us.

We don't want you to be anything other than yourself... really. You don't even have to like God. Bring your questions, your doubts, your fears, and even your negative feelings about church. We won't shove anything down your throat or make you believe anything you don't want to believe... that's just not our style. NO MATTER where you've been or where you're at today, VECTOR.CHURCH is a place where you can just be yourself and belong.

Join us as we kick-off our Sunday services on OCTOBER 6TH at 11am in the Venue @ Deathproof.coffee located at 10481 W Fairview Ave. Boise, ID 83704