VECTOR.CHURCH holds the following core values because we wanna reflect the heart of Jesus:

  • We ACCEPT anyone where they’re at... and by anyone, we mean... ANYone.

  • We LOVE everyone unconditionally... no strings, no expectations, no rules, and no condemnation.

  • We give GRACE freely because who doesn't love a second chance after you've messed up?

  • We FORGIVE others so we can live in the freedom Jesus died to give us.

  • And, we're irrationally GENEROUS because we believe we can't out-give God.

Living out these values isn't always easy, but knowing that God can CHANGE anyone and any circumstance at any time gives us the strength and hope to live a life that stands out from the "norm". See, we don't wanna just talk about doin' great things... we wanna DO GREAT THINGS and create a positive impact that spreads both far and wide in the lives of those around us, and the world!